SEAT Leon 2.0 TDI Stylance – DSG semi auto gear box – FAST LITTLE CAR! only 84k miles £3,850.00 o.v.n.o See My SEAT Lean For Sale page for more info – Fabulous MPG 40+ very commonly nearer 50 mpg in a v nippy well built HI SPEC Car.   Think Audi A3 TDI or VW Golf but slightly bigger, more room inside and in boot …..And great looks – READ MORE about these cracking cars 🙂 –   MOT Feb 2016 NO ADVISORIES!   Full Service Feb 2015.   I am Only the 2nd owner! – Purchased in Feb 2011. … Continue reading SEAT Leon FOR SALE

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welcome to my personal website, or maybe it’s a blog ………… either way – Welcome! 🙂 it may change but as my written grammar (maybe my spoken grammar too) is pretty poor (mild dyslexia) i have chosen NOT to use capital letters (except those 3) on my site – i hope the “english police” don’t mind too much. i am likely to say things about vegetable gardening i do a fair bit of veggie gardening these days, now i am too broken & old to chase an egg shaped ball around, for fitness & fun, it helps burn some calories. Continue reading welcome to