4 Things that’ll make your kids’ room healthy for their mental development

4 Things that’ll make your kids’ room healthy for their mental development

Paint the walls in cheerful colours

The studies of colour psychology show that a persons’ mood and behaviour are influenced by the colours of the walls. If the way that the adult mind works could be subconsciously manipulated by colours, you can have a pretty good picture of how stronger a young mind reacts to them. Raising the kids and watching them grow into healthy individuals, physically and mentally, is the responsibility of every parent. In order to do a good job as a parent, you need to include all factors – and you need to know that colours are in the important group. Except for an immediate reaction to colours that influence the overall feeling when in their room, your children will react to the colours of their room their whole lives. Every memory will be connected to them – it’s completely on you if those memories will be positive or negative.

4 Things that’ll make your kids’ room healthy for their mental development

You should definitely tend to avoid the cliché of painting the walls of a boy’s room into blue, and a girl’s room into pink – this will only encourage the development of prejudices to other sexes. The colours of a kids’ room should develop their creativity and logic, which will allow them to have a healthy childhood, without being aware of whether they should act like a man or a woman – there’ll be enough time for that when they grow up. Yellow and orange are definitely the colours to go with – they are like a healthy boost of energy for children. In combination with green, which is calming, you can have a winning combination and a child that’s not hyperactive, but full of constructive energy.

A blackboard is always a good idea

Children tend to be very curious. When you first give them a crayon or a pencil and teach them how to draw, they’ll want to turn every wall of your house into a “masterpiece”. You shouldn’t get to angry with them about it – just try to remember how unclear it seemed when your parents told you that drawing on the walls of your home is actually a no-no. But, lucky for you, you could avoid repainting your whole house every two months by allowing to your children to have one wall that’s, so to way, drawing-friendly – a chalkboard wall.

You’ll be happy to know that this won’t cost you much – you just need some paint. When you decide which wall of your child’s room you want to turn into a chalkboard, you need to apply the first layer of paint – it just needs to be a darker shade, no matter which colour it is. The next coat of paint you need to apply is the chalkboard paint, again – in the colour of your choice. In the end, you need to cover that whole surface with chalk and then wipe it off – this is a process that actually turns the wall into a chalkboard that’s ready to use.

Provide your kids with a comfortable work desk

It’s important to encourage some working habits, even when your children are very young. Thinking in advance could be really helpful in transition, regarding the movement from kindergarten to school. If a child learns that a desk is where homework is done in the beginning, it’ll be a lot easier to concentrate while studying when he or she grows up. But, what’s really important isn’t the shape or the size of a desk, but the chair. Teaching your kids the right sitting posture that won’t do any harm to their physical development, should be one of your priorities. Ask around in order to find an adjustable chair which will enable to your child to find a position that he or she finds comfortable. Consider a buying a children’s desk fit for growth, like a height adjustable children’s desk perhaps.

4 Things that’ll make your kids’ room healthy for their mental development

Develop your children’s talents

Most of us are in regret because we haven’t had enough time or money in order to fully dedicate time to our hobby – most parents make that horrible mistake and force their children to practice one of their long lost dreams. It’s just a matter of time when a child realizes that he or she is pursuing a dream that’s not theirs. Let your children explore and find something what they actually want to do in life – provide them with some paints, a musical instrument or try out a few different sports with them. Allowing them to create their own personality by themselves is probably the greatest thing you could ever do for your kids.

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