a #roughstuffers saturday

a #roughstuffers saturday

well…….. actually now i have written that title, i’m wondering if today is actually an ideal #roughstuffers saturday – why? …because i am working, like usual. can a #roughstuffer enjoy their saturday if they are also working?

I will be hopefully doing some very #roughstuffer type things later, walking the dog in the wind and rain, having some beer (not lager) and playing darts, possibly quite badly depending on the amount of beer…..

mrs. c has cooked an excellent brunch earlier, middle back bacon and local free range eggs, with home-baked wholemeal toast, so that’s quite #roughstuffer like, but as i said, for now i am still working.

first job of the day was to add some new photos of some really beautiful oak food boards and oak chopping boards, to the online shop for my friends at rough stuff oak.

next i needed to look at scheduling the coming weeks social media rough stuff oak tweets and facebook posts on the rough stuff oak page.

i also published the weeks #roughstuffrecipes – Chicken and Courgette Bake with Tomato Squash & Mascarpone Cheese and reviewed the stats for last weeks recipe – #RoughStuffRecipes – Pheasant Wood Pigeon & Potato Game Pie 

articles like these recipes don’t seem to have had too much initial impact, yet…… like everything posted on social media, there is always an ideal time to post, we might need to look at what time we should be publishing these, to get maximum impact.

rough stuff oak facebook statistics

i finished up the working part of my #roughstuffers saturday by finishing up this post.

now i just have to check we have everything we need to make fresh crab cakes from the 2 monster crabs i was given yesterday (yum nom nom) then im of for dog walk, beer and darts…… i thus conclude that a #roughstuffers saturday can indeed involve work and be enjoyable 😉

monster crabs

i hopefully sunday night / monday’s storm won’t do too much harm – i will probably have something to say about that in a day or two……………….


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