Priority One Network Website Clip

a website that is actually a video

sounds odd, I know…. But we’ve built a proper fully functioning website that is a video too

over 10 minutes long, looped, fantastic audio and quite possibly one-of-a-kind – You must take a look at the Priority One Network website my team at Perfecto Online have built – 95% ready – We love it 🙂

Priority One Networks, the client, is a global service provider of prepaid and debit cards, that gives ZERO COST entertainment benefits to CARD members who receive a full 1080p TV and film streaming service, considered the most advanced in the world.

the best way to see the final edit of the video is to go to the website – but we also thought you might like the longer 13 minute 22 second “pre final edit” version, embedded below.

these are some screen shots from the video – stunning eh ?


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